Glamour Beroom Style with Luxurious Wallpaper, Decoration and Furniture

Bedroom silver decorative floral wallpaper ornate French antique gilded gold bed padded deep button buttoned silk upholstery real home

This is a glamour bedroom Style with Luxurious Wallpaper, Decoration and Furniture.A glamorous bedroom by using sumptuous wallpaper, an ornate gold bed, sheer fabric at the windows and a crystal bedside lamp. A hint of luxurious violet silk used to line a pure white linen curtain panel adds instant glamour to a bedroom. Linen curtains from Volga Linen, Tiffany mauve silk from Colefax and Fowler.

White room purple accented items silk lined curtain pouffe large full length mirror L etc 05/2007 pub orig

White bright airy bedroom four poster bed yellow ochre accented items floor posted bedlamp shade floor to ceiling folding doors windows crochet cushion bedspread L etc 05/2007 pub orig

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