ball pendant lamps lighting
Find unique lighting for your home? Ball pendant lamps is gorgeous modern lighting that could be hanging in the ceiling, place in the floor or table. Many material selection to make it, from wood, steel, crystal, glass, rattan or bamboo, nickel etc. Ball pendant lighting could be places in your living space, dining room or other that you like.
John Lewis ball pendant lamps
The ball lamp was a prominent design during the 70’s. The sleek design and striking colors make it a dominant feature of the retro look. If you recall the old Hollywood movies, you usually find it in the dining room as well as the living room of the elite and rich. You can bring it back to life by using the same kitchen lighting in the same places. To incorporate the retro look to you lighting, choose colors like orange, yellow or blue or any combination of these. Keep in mind that the retro look portrays a powerful combination of bright colors, so don’t go soft and muted with your colors.
Flos Jasper Morrison Glo Ball Pendant lampsball pendant lampsball pendant lamp

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