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Dolce Gusto is a collaboration between great pressure coffeemakers manufacturer, Krups, and one of the world’s largest coffee brands, NESCAFÉ. This is excellent kitchen appliances for your modern kitchen. The coffee machine is unique because it has 15-bar pressure system, which is similar to coffeehouse machines. It now comes in 3 colors: red, black and creme. Creme machine become available just recently. They all have the same set of features, Custom Control Lever, combined with airtight capsules, makes for very fresh and perfectly extracted espresso and coffees, KRUPS® Thermoblock technology heats the water in less than one minute, All smart coffee capsules feature only 100% Arabica roast and ground coffee, etc. Add this kitchen appliances to make the coffee easily.
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for more information about this product, visit Dolce Gusto

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