glass sliding doorA sliding glass door is a great addition to let in more light and air or act as an eye-catching access to a deck or garden. Luxurious sliding glass door for your modern home interior presented by Geze. These glass door system runs along a stainless steel rail made of point-fixed glass tops. To prevent the industry, heavy-looking design, simple pieces that are chosen to perform effortlessly. The purpose is clear: strong in functionality, but in form and effortlessly beautiful in form. The Vetroslide glass door remember the essence of the door, the protection and privacy. Elegant sliding glass door system could be your alternative decoration in your home. Of course, the largest part of a sliding glass door is glass. To make such a door truly energy efficient, high-performance glazing is key. This is achieved with a toughened or laminated safety glass for increased safety.
glass doormodern sliding doorsliding glass door
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