waterproof lcd tv
You can install a Waterproof LCD TV in your bathroom to find the channels during routine bathroom visits. And since you probably will not be able to watch your bathroom TV at every angle, you have to decide how best wall and if there is enough space there. If you want to be able to watch TV from the shower, for example, to see if they have a suitable place for you to do that.
How to safety installing your Waterproof Bathroom Television? There are some guide you can do for
waterproof lcd tv bathroom television
Step 1
Buying a wall mount. There are several types of blank wall that you can get. Some of them turn around, some of them rotating, some tilt and put a little stay. Look around and find a mountain like.
Step 2
Find a place on the wall where you want to install the TV. Make sure the wall is large enough to fit your TV and sockets are easily accessible. A good idea is to cut a piece of cardboard the size of your TV and hang at different points to see what your TV will look like. Go in the shower, I am your mirror and sit on the toilet while watching the cardboard. Make sure you have a good view of visualization in all desired positions.
Step 3
Locate the studs in the area to install your TV. The easiest way to find studs using a stud finder. These economic devices are implemented through the wall and a beep when on a pole. If you do not have a search engine, you can still find the studs by hand. Just knock on the wall and listen. You will hear a sound hole in the wall is hollow and a solid sound when you hit the post. Mark the center of the studs with a pencil.
Step 4
Hold the wall bracket to the wall and drilling in place. Before drilling, use a level to ensure that the mountain is even. Ask a friend to celebrate the mountain while ensuring that it is yet, and drilling at the site.
Step 5
Connect the wall mount rails on the back of your TV. The kit comes with mounting screw guide holes in the back of your TV. Read the instructions for your specific model to ensure proper installation.
Step 6
Connect the wires to the TV. If you connect a DVD player, sound system, game console or anything else on TV, now is the time to do it. Many of these connections are in the back of the TV and be very difficult once you connect your TV is mounted. If you can not get to your cable outlet, you can use a splitter to extend the cable line in the bathroom.
Step 7
Slide your TV to the wall and fasten it in place. The assembly will incorporate a screw can be tightened by hand to ensure your TV.

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