bathroom decorThere are five bathroom decoration tips to make a great bathroom sense. Bathroom Designs tips for All bathroom, do it your self with less of budget.

Bathroom Decor Tips #1
Collections of inexpensive mirrors add both light and space to any bathroom decor. They reflect colors, faces and other decorations and add character and interest . Mirrors are much more effective when grouped together rather than being a scattered mass simply hanging on a wall.
bathroom decoration
Bathroom Decor Tips #2
For color and charm, throw a rug on the bathroom floor. In a dull or drab bathroom, a rag rug or oriental carpet will add charm and beauty to the decor. Just be certain to use a non-skid pad underneath, especially if anyone will be stepping out of a tub or shower.

Bathroom Decor Tip #3
Color is, of course, the quickest, cheapest and easiest way alter the decor in any bathroom. Unusual colors on a bathroom wall, like melon, chocolate brown or peach, will add drama to the decor. Accents like brightly colored towels in a monochromatic bathroom will provide an outstanding decor accent.

Bathroom Decor Tips #4
Needlework makes a striking wall accent in bathroom decor. For instance, sampler patterns from Colonial America are easily available and a few samplers grouped on a wall create a totally unique bathroom.

Bathroom Decor Tips #5
Pictures or prints can be massed on a bathroom wall. For maximum decor impact, hang them closely together rather than separated. Pictures can be striking if they have a ‘theme’, such as: Black and white photos – no color, Older shots – from the 1930s or 1940s, for instance, The frames are all an identical color, The frames or photos have a uniqueness in common – oval shapes, women only, pets. This decorating tactic works best in a powder room, rather than a full bathroom, because of the high moisture.

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