harlequin lightingHarlequin lighting design is inspired by the baffling eccentricities and fantasies of the circus, with the radiant, ever-changing North Light, Aurora. These lighting uses long RGB LEDs, which are connected to a controller, which changes the intensity of every hue, resulting in many combination of colors to suit different moods and atmospheres, emphasizing his versatility as a mood light. Harlequin lighting serves both function and aesthetics. The form of Harlequin modern lighting was strongly influenced by the Cirque du Soleil quirky characters, imaginative stories and dreams. All packaged in liquid form Harlequin modern lighting product. The Harlequin lighting product is the chameleon of the world of lighting to be. This Harlequin lighting was the mood in any interior change without any problems. It is not only ideal for home use but for public spaces such as bars, clubs and even offices. These Harlequin lighting could offer every color of evil and vibrant red, pink and purple shades to romantic soothing blue-green, at least to apply.
harlequin led lightingharlequin led light

Posted by : admin | on : 04/12/2021 |   in category Lighting |

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