mood rocking bed
Unable to get carried away your bed now? This cozy bed that could be moved out from your home, place in the garden, backyard or landscape. Does not that sound dreamy? You can use this baby rocks or frozen in place with the included rubber stopper. Endless fun! It present with oval piece compliments many easy contemporary interiors, but here’s the real kicker: the Mood Rocking bed can also be used outdoors in the pleasant afternoon nap or lounging endless family. The Mood Rocking Bed is more innocent than it sounds! On second thought, knowing the dark and beautiful signature style of Joe Manus (founder of Shiner International), perhaps the real purpose of design is best left to personal interpretation.
cozy bed for exteriorunusual bed design

Posted by : admin | on : 27/11/2021 |   in category Bedroom |

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