The Bosch EcoLogixx 7 S, the elegant condenser dryer is equipped with energy saving ActiveAir heat, making the Bosch dryer to achieve ‘A’40% energy rating, which essentially means that 40% more energy efficient than comparable’ A ‘dryers assessed. With a 7 kg drying capacity, EcoLogixx dryers have a very advanced design stainless steel vessel, to ensure that the wax is treated with the utmost care. The intuitive touch control of the self-cleaning dryer, which can be combined with your favorite Bosch washing machine, provides access to 15 programs with adjustable temperature drying, drying 3 levels and options, such as Blend, Shirts & Blouses, Sportswear, Super Quick, Temporary Programs Finish wool. In addition, this best-performing dryer features advanced moisture management system, 24 hours start delay, the drying of the progress indicator, digital countdown indicator, blocked filter indicator, drying time selector, anticrease, interior light and less ironing option. EcoLogixx price for the Bosch dryer is about 460 pounds.

Posted by : admin | on : 09/11/2021 |   in category Interior Design Idea |

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