flowing river sink design
Elkay has a number of creative sinks for virtually any style or occasion, come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes for both residential and commercial use. The Mystic flowing sink is not their best. Other sinks by Elkay come in all different shapes with innovative purposes. Some are borderline cuisine in the form of things like martini glasses, which are ideal for parties, but difficult to imagine in most homes. Others have creative drying surfaces and other extras. As shown above, this sink design curves and winds its way through a chosen surface. It can be set to something that is formed as is or can be contrasted with the more standard rectangular planes in most kitchens. It can be filled with ice, fruit and / or drinks for parties.
river sink designflowing river sink design 1

Posted by : admin | on : 07/11/2021 |   in category Interior Design Idea |

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