Rojo Cabinet Furniture, Brings Old time Traditions in Contemporary Style

wooden cabinet furniture
The Crate & Barrel Rojo cabinet brings old time traditions in the beautiful contemporary style. Generations of families have heirlooms and traditional Welsh history in cabinets and display cases. For many, a symbol of the family home. Grandma’s China, the favorite whiskey’s father, the kids’ handmade pottery all displayed with family pride. Now with this festive red Rojo china cabinet you can start your own family traditions. Made from Sheesham wood, the cabinet has four glass doors modern glass Rojo. There are five fixed shelves ideal for displaying china, wine, oils, baskets of fruit. With rustic wooden brackets and hand-forged metal buttons, the Rojo Cabinet brings warmth and character.

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October 11, 2021 | 04:02 WITA

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