decorative bathroom ceramic tiles
These ceramic tiles are part of a collection called String and they seem to be traditional, modern, decorative and simple all at the same time, which certainly is quite an achievement! Decoratistyle is Ana intriguing company and their ethos is probably best explained in his own words:  “Decora Tori Style is the new brand was born from the tradition Decora Tori Bass Anesi and practical experience in the ceramic industry. Decora Tori Bass Anesi recorded on an experimental workshop combines the culture of ceramic art in research on new materials and forms in keeping with modern trends to create. the most modern trends area analyzed, studied and interpreted in the new research laboratory for innovation and “free personal” products. ”

decorative ceramic tilesdecorative ceramic tilesdecorative ceramic tiles

Posted by : admin | on : 06/10/2021 |   in category Interior Design Idea |

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