Natural Stone furniture for unique home design

Stone furniture can be made of different materials such as marble, slate and granite. Furniture stones have their own specific needs. You can add some simple rules that will be useful for storing your furniture stone that last longer and look good. The beauty of your home will become more clear with the use of stone furniture. Remember that the presence of stone furniture around the house look more natural, more beautiful atmosphere. Furniture stone may be present in the interior or exterior of your home. Within stone furniture can be mounted on the bathroom floor, kitchen counter, walls pools, stone furniture in the living room, and others. While the exterior, stone furniture can be embedded in the facade of the house, patio furniture, garden furniture, fence walls and paths in the park. Of course, even an attractive stone furniture treated.

One of the problems arising from natural furniture we have in the first place to use as the exterior is the growth of algae that causes stone furniture was dirty and was not considered beautiful. To no moss, stone furniture appear to be coated, so that the stone is more resistant to heat, rain, and various stains.

There are different types of furniture stone coating. In the first lamp, which line without the color of natural stone. Besides the furniture protected areas still look natural. Second shine. This form of protection and sharpen the color of the stone. When the coating lamp lasts only one year, the gloss coating is able to survive up to five years. Oh yes, before the coated stone, make sure to clean moss and other impurities. After drying, and then coating being applied. If the coating for use on natural stone, mushroom and black spots appear dry.