d° light Huggable, Cool Lighting Inspiration for Different Atmosphere

cool huggable light
Cool lighting design for modern sofa, d° light Huggable is best ideas for your home. An ideal night light, conversation piece, or sunshine alternative during those dark winter months, the functional, but contemporary d° light Huggable defines the future of design. The d° light Huggable can be powered by 4 AA batteries or a 6 volt AC adapter. When used with 2500mAh AA rechargeable batteries, the d° light Huggable free for about 4 hours before slowly fading. It can be enabled or disabled by pulling the chain switch, making it easy to charge the battery while not in use to save. Moreover, d° light Huggable is a great addition to Sun that the mood of the year will hold an elevator.

light huggable
The use of d° light Huggable is limited only by the most people. The d° light Huggable uses low heat SMD LEDs and has been tested by Diana Lin Design for safety considerations. The d° light Huggable has many everyday applications. Besides providing a great sense of warmth and security when held, it can be used as accent lighting, a nightlight, or for those who like the warmth of light for a good night’s sleep.
cool huggable lightcool huggable light