Family Gardening – Tips for Parents to Make Kid Friendly Garden

flower-seedsEvery child is interested and likes new things, flower seed in the garden is an example. Parents should be bring their children to do creative activity like gardening. Children can be taught to plant a flower or vegetable seeds in the garden near the house. This is some tips how to foster children’s love interest in gardening?
Parents need to plan what the garden will be created.
There are several types of gardens that can be made with the child, such as orchards, flower garden or vegetable garden. You can talk to kids so that will match what your child wants.flower-seed-1

Encourage children to buy gardening equipment to the store. Tell your child about the equipment that will be used for gardening such as hoes, watering equipment, etc.

Encourage children to buy seeds and fertilizer for gardening purposes.
You can choose seeds with your child, buy flower seeds, seeds of fruit or vegetable seeds. buy organic fertilizer used aga children using natural materials.

Prepare a garden that will be used to plant flowers or vegetables with your child. Teach your child hoe, prepare the media for planting seedlings.

Train children to plant flower seeds or vegetable seeds. Children need to be told how to plant a good way. Parents should guide children to be able to plant the seeds in the right way.

Teach them to treat the seeds to grow. Teach children to water the plants, plant care, clean up the plant area, giving fertilizer.

Follow developments until the flowering plants or fruit. Children will be delighted with their activities and are interested in planting seeds into a natural gardener.