Semi Automatic Faucet With Touch Sensor and LED Light

semi automatic modern faucet with ledUSO is a new semi automatic faucet, designed by KWC. The crane looks modern and completely made of stainless steel. This semi automatic faucet is a perfect solution for any kitchen or bathroom. Besides, the crane has a minimum-contact sensor that responds to a quick touch of the shoot and shows the temperature of the water by using color codes. With semi automatic faucet, you can hit once too cold (blue), twice in warm (orange) or three times for hot (red) water. After 10 seconds, the water is turned off automatically. If you want to stop the water of this semi automatic faucet, just tap the spout again.
semi automatic modern faucetsemi automatic faucet
The semi automatic faucet crane also has a cleansing function. You need to spout touch for 5 seconds to activate it for 45 seconds – without the need for water to flow. To stop the cleaning early, hitting just over 5 seconds. The semi automatic faucet is modern style faucet design with high technology inside.
semi automatic faucet with ledsemi automatic faucet design

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April 6, 2021 | 14:06 WITA

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