Small Desk Lamps and Floor Lamps Design for Modern Home

small desk lampsUmberto Asnago present the small desk lamps and floor lamps, LOOP and TAAAC lamps by Penta Lights, the same style, but for different needs. First, a small desk lamp for reading, while the second is the large floor lamp that is near to a bank and get soft or bright light above it. The small desk lamps very elegant for modern interior design. Both are LED lamps with base in satin nickel metal or embossed black metal relative. The structures of small desk lamps and floor lamps, LOOP and TAAAC can be covered with shiny leather-like thermoplastic. Cool desk lamps and floor lamp design ideas for your home. There is a (white, black or natural) or two color (upper part: red, black, lower part white, beige or ivory) desk amd floor lamps available. The floor lamps is 360 °. Originality, elegance, richness of materials and unusual shape, the main features new Penta lamp.
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March 5, 2021 | 14:06 WITA

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