set_of_stencils.jpgStenciling has been known for thousands of years. It is used for creating signs and labels as well as objects of art. In fact stencils are a great way to decorate your home without spending a fortune. Decorating with stencils has been popular until the 1980s and there are many examples in most of the Eastern homes of the United States

If you are passionate about home interior decoration, try stenciling. All you will need is a bit of paint and several stencil templates.

Find the design

The first step to your home décor project is to find a stencil design. This is an easy task as there are many designs available – you can check the stencil template websites or buy from the local DIY store. If it is your first time do not go for huge designs. Get a smaller template instead.

Learn how to use it

Once you have the stencil template, read the instructions carefully. Most of the stencil templates come with full instruction guide as well as with step by step picture guides. It is of utmost importance that you follow the steps described in the guide to assure you will have the correct results.


Well, now you probably wonder where stencils can be applied. The answer is everywhere!

– Your old kitchen cabinets will look like brand new if you decorate their drawers and doors with stencils. You can use any design that suits your taste – from floral shapes and fruits to modern art designs.

– If your window treatments need to be replaced or you are already bored with the same look, refresh them. You can get stencil templates with fabric paint and apply it to the curtains.

– Stencils are cheaper than tiles. Your bathroom can have a fabulous look even if you cannot afford full redecoration with tiles. Get larger stencil templates and apply them over the walls of the bathroom. You can also add something small over the bathroom cabinet doors and even create a frame for the mirror.

– The room of your child can also be decorated with stencils. If your child is still little, apply funny designs. If you have a teen, you can even give him the opportunity to decorate his room.

– Stencils are a great and unique way for labeling. You can label everything – from your kitchen accessories boxes to the baskets and boxes that you keep in your living room. This will turn your ordinary storage items into real art pieces.

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