5 Tips to preserve your home trendy and fashionable

Have you ever tried to keep up with fashion trends? It may be a bit complicated, and do it gently, almost to the store about once or twice a week, perhaps even more. The same can be said about trends in the house. There is always the latest and greatest part of the color or style that just screams for you to update your current home design.

home interior design trends

home interior design trends

Fashion-trendsThis can be costly venture if you are trying to save, but there is no way to be the latest in home decor, do not spend a lot of hard-earned money. All you need some patience, creativity and the ability to refer to bring it all together in.

home design interior trend

home design interior trend

Tip number 1: Start with your palette

When it comes to home design, one of the most important elements that you intend to use this color. You will have the colors on the walls, in your accent and your furniture. Color abounds, and there is a palette to choose, when you select a color. One way to keep abreast with your color scheme is to choose colors that were popular for several years.


The more colors, it was fashionable, the more chances you have, the color continues to be fashionable. In addition, make sure you choose a color that can be paired with a wide range of colors, so basically any of the neutral color is best to work with because you do not have to worry about switching to color the walls when you add a new color in mixture.

Tip number 2: The transition to modern furniture


Not everyone likes modern, but using modern piece for your home, you have to focus, to begin with. In general, modern furniture has a smooth, strong lines, which are all design ideas so when you decide to update the decor of their homes by the current trend, you will not need to look for new furniture pieces. This allows you to save a lot of money and you are still very fashionable room, regardless of how “new” your furniture.

Tip number 3: Changes in accents


Accents often play a huge role in the decoration of houses, and they may be just part of your room, that can change when you are trying to update the decor of houses in the latest styles. If you use the accent pieces such as vases, sculpture, lamps and paintings, try to save a minimum of two reasons. First, some of the emphasis you have, the less you buy, if you change them. Secondly, too much emphasis may overwhelm the space and let him search for cluttered and dark, perhaps you were not looking for.

Tip number 4: Play with fabrics


Fabrics are the perfect way to update a room and it can be quite inexpensive if you are handy with a needle. Throw pillows on the couch can be upgraded to a fashionable accent color. The window treatment can be upgraded or removed depending on the type you’re going for. Finally, you can change the appearance of a piece of furniture simply using slipcover upholstery or cushions. Make sure that when you upgrade the fabric that you look at the texture, and color, as some patterns may be fashionable, while others are not.

Tip number 5: the fashion for you

The last tip that I want to close with not just the tip of this reminder. Even always follow new trends, fashion houses are not changing as fast as a regular fashion. The trend may be in fashion for many years and even after that, he was only a few changes, such as different tubes, or a new set of throw pillows to update the current fashion trend.

After all, your home should be comfortable and fashionable for you. If you are happy with the colors that are not popular, do not worry, just enjoy your sense of style, because more often than not, the uniqueness of your home decor, probably makes it a much more fashionable than any house that is filled with all the latest trends in design.

February 13, 2021 | 14:07 WITA

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