Using Room Dividers For Bedroom Decorating


Decorating your bedroom can be a great way to express yourself and get a great place to lounge and sleep in but coming up with interesting ideas can be a challenge. One way that I like to create interesting spaces is by using items that you might not normally find and using room dividers for bedroom decorating is an ideal way to create a unique look and maybe even gain some extra storage space too!

Room dividers or folding screens come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and even shapes. You can get then min metal, fabric, plastic and wood and they can be found with beautiful motifs ranging from antique to modern to Asian so you are sure to find one that matches with your bedroom decor.

There are many interesting ways to use room dividers for bedroom decorating. The thing about a divider is that it covers a wide area and, thus, makes a big statement. One traditional method of using them is to place them in the corner. This helps to soften out the harsh edges of the room corner as well as add a decorative touch in a spot that may be lacking. But, perhaps the best part of this method is that if you place it kitty cornered it leaves a space between the divider and the corner and you can use this space for extra storage!

Another way to use a divider in the bedroom is as a headboard. This can make a great focal point to your room and many room dividers are quite decorative so this can really make your bed seem unique and appealing. To do this, simply spread the divider out flat and slide it behind the head of the bed. You might want to secure it properly with feet or to the wall just to be sure it doesn’t fall. Try to find a one that is the same width as your bed, but if it is a little longer or shorter that will be OK too.

If you have a large bedroom, you can use a folding screen to divide the space into a sleeping and sitting area. Simply place the divider jutting out from the wall at the point where you want the space divided. You ‘d be amazed at the visual effect this creates and how it separates your large room into 2 smaller cozy spaces.

Another great use for room dividers is to simply add a focal point or some color to a wall. This is quite useful if you rent and cannot change the wall color from the typical bland eggshell color. To so this, simply open the divider up and stand it flat against the wall. This adds a large area of decor to the room without taking up any space. To make it look best, place some plants and maybe a chair in front of it. You might also consider adding some custom made feet to keep the divider stable against the wall.

When using room dividers for bedroom decorating, the key thing to keep in mind is to be sure to buy a room divider that is in keeping with your rooms colors and style. You must choose carefully as the divider will be a large element in the room, but if you pick it out properly it will blend right in and add a unique and unusual look to your bedroom.

February 6, 2021 | 02:09 WITA

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