Luxurious, sophisticated Bathtubs Design Albatros Rosso Vivo Air Tub

albatros bathroom tubsLuxurious, sophisticated bathtubs design present in modern style. Albatros designed the new modern and futuristic bathtubs, called Rosso Vivo Luxury Air Tub combines modern and luxury, sophistication and unexpected originality. Made of semi-transparent Lucite Ice bathtubs Technology and two soft restraints, Albatross have embraced new technology and materials to cutting edge comfort. These bathtubs Available in three different colors, Ice Red, Ice Blue and Ice White, with a rectangular open frame, the angular shape of the transparent bath is revealed. With 14 remote controlled Airport jets, the Air bathtub offers a full body massage in a sleek modern design. It is very good to relax, Rosso Vivo Air Tub combines modern luxury, sophistication and unexpected originality. Really amazing bathtubs design for your home.
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February 3, 2021 | 02:08 WITA

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