Bathroom Window Privacy Can Be Bright And Beautiful

One of the rooms in the home that may be most challenging to decorate is the bathroom. Since things in this area are exposed to considerable humidity from bathing, furnishings and bathroom window treatments may need to be somewhat different than those in other rooms.

Bathroom window privacy is another issue that is compelling since rather intimate activities in a state of undress are common in a bathroom. At the same time, most people want a lot of light in the area, preferably natural light. So, window coverings for bathrooms need to meet both of these needs, privacy and light.

One solution is using glass block windows to provide privacy since they are more translucent than transparent, but they do let in most of the light. These can be accessorized with curtains, shades or mini blinds but often can stand on their own. If your install your own windows, you can control the appearance, but if you have inherited them, you have to work with what you already have.

Another way to achieve bathroom window privacy is by using movable screens. These can be very beautiful and fit an elaborate decor but you need to choose materials such as bamboo that are tolerant of the moist environment. A fine silk screen might not hold up as well as you would like.

Traditional curtains also provide privacy and may be the simplest thing to find and are more likely to be a lower cost solution as well. They can be found on sale as often as not which is always nice. Bathroom windows are often odd sizes and these curtains may be a little harder to find except in a bed and bath shop. If you’re a little creative you can modify standard sized curtains to fit your own windows with some simple sewing techniques.

Usually simple designs and fabrics are more suitable to use in a bathroom because of care issues, but there are really no limits except your own tastes. An easy approach is to use custom decorated shades, perhaps hand painted, along with sheers or solid fabric roman style draperies for a more formal approach. If you have the talent, you can buy plain shades and paint them yourself for a true custom window treatment.

Yet another bathroom window privacy trick is the use of one way glass. Inside the bathroom this will appear to be a clear window, but outside it will be like a mirror. This is the most open and bright approach, but the visibility may be disconcerting. Be sure those guests know that they really are not visible to the whole world while in such a bathroom!

February 3, 2021 | 14:07 WITA

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