bathroom shower stallWhen renovating your bathroom, it’s often hard to decide whether to install a prefabricated or “prefab” shower stall or to construct a tiled shower stalls. Typically, bathroom shower stalls don’t have roofs. Prefabricated shower kits have been considered a lesser quality alternative, thanks to limited colors & designs. Bathroom shower stalls can definitely make your bathroom look bigger and a lot more functional. This is better for the humidity to vent out from the stall, because it is unusual to have an exhaust fan in them. Bathroom Shower stalls come in a range of styles and sizes, and can be custom built to fit a particular space. The prefabricated bathroom shower stall allows you to install a shower much quicker than building a tiled shower unit. This is unique shower stall made from marble.
shower stall

Handicap Shower Stalls
handicap shower stalls
Handicap shower stalls provide an excellent solution because they are specifically designed to ease the difficulties that disabled persons experience. There are a range of handicap shower stalls which are designed to the very highest standards. This is perhaps the most expensive of the handicap shower stall varieties, and involves converting the entire bathroom into a shower area. Handicap shower stalls are necessary for those confined to a wheelchair and those with limited mobility.
This is the most basic of the handicap shower stalls designs. Rails and grip bars can be installed in traditional showers, adding greatly to the disabled person’s ability to take a shower alone. For those who need help, these handicap shower stalls allow attendants much more flexibility and ease in getting their clients clean. These handicap shower stalls are designed to be cleaned up with simple soap and water.

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