Knot Ylighting, an Amazing Lighting Fixtures Inspiration from Yellow Goat Design

the knot lightingYellow Goat Design has some of the most gorgeous contemporary YLighting home lighting fixtures available, perfect for home and office. These an example of amazing lighting fixtures from Ylighting. The Knot is the most amazing lighting fixtures from Ylighting, Twisted wrought iron body with that is accented by a wrought iron knot on the body and the led lighting at the end. Take one Spiroflex wand and tie a knot and you have an interesting piece. Ylighting presented cool lighting fixtures for modern interior design. Do that with say 65, then light up each of the ends with an LED and you have a stunning sculptural chandelier. Dimensions shown 800mm dia. These lighting are available in different sizes and finishes.
pendant ylighting
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January 6, 2021 | 02:06 WITA

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