modern lounge led lighting
Antonio Di Oronzo this club / ultra lounge in Astoria New York. What is your first impression upon seeing it for the first time? Well, mine is, the ceiling is amazing, it’s picky and color play makes it even more interesting. The next thing is the dim light. It is soothing and relaxing. perfect for a lounge where people come together and talk, and perhaps relax. Additional description of the architect: “Space is a complete cocoon made ??of a seamless, tufted upholstered shell. The distribution of 8,888 buttons define the tufting was organized through 3D software, and allowed for precise fabrication and tolerances. the system of openings in the ceiling and the walls of the shell is interrupted by 88,888 acrylic strands. Behind them is a system of LED lights strings and gently flood the space with warm tones and respond music pulses through ad-hoc software.
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