When designing a child’s bedroom, are often supplied with the anchor light. The shape is, of course, chosen for the attention of children. Began to toy cars to different species. Precisely because the beauty of priority, the flame is not too light. Every activity in the area is not disturbed, it takes double exposure. Lamps with funny shapes are usually only as an accessory. Not the main lighting. Therefore, if the room is still there other activities such as studying or playing, extra lighting is needed. Can headlights aka general lighting or additional lighting in certain locations. For example, at a desk.

But, if the room for sleeping toddlers, extra lighting is not absolute. Noteworthy is the layout. Keep the bulbs in locations that are not within reach of children. When using a hanging lamp minimum distance from the floor approximately 1.7 meters. Selection of lamps and lamp housing must be fully considered. Therefore, safety in the child remains the main bedroom. Make sure all cables are properly connected. This minimizes the risk of fire.

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