Interior Design Tips: Choosing the right furniture

Furniture can reflect many personality characteristics, from fun and flirty to classy and sophisticated to modern and edgy. How do you choose the right piece?

The furniture in a person’s home says a lot about personal style and taste. In effect, most of us spend endless hours searching for the perfect piece of furniture before we actually make a purchase. With the availability of furniture from so many different time periods and schools of design, the choice can sometimes be daunting.

Showrooms generally sort furniture by room, and within these rooms the pieces are further distinguished by style. If you are looking for a Chippendale sofa, for example, you will certainly find it with living room furniture, but it probably won’t be placed next to the black suede chaise. Sometimes it can take a lot of patience to browse through furniture showrooms. Because your furniture will brand you, though, it will be worth your while to take your time and wait until you find what’s right for you.

There has a been a trend recently toward “studio furniture.” This furniture is built in a studio environment, not by a large factory manufacturer, and therefore tends to be more unique. Studio furniture makers view themselves as artists or craftsmen. Many learn their craft not through apprenticeship but through university-level design and art courses. Of course, original style often equals higher prices. Just as we pay more for designer clothing, we pay more for carefully crafted furniture. Studio furniture tends to be more contemporary but may be influenced by more traditional furniture styles.

Many buyers are drawn to antiques. Antique furniture often creates a regal air in a home. If combined creatively with more modern pieces, antiques can add flavor to even a contemporary styled room. Mixing and matching different styles of furniture is quite fashionable these days, if done correctly.

Regardless of style, it is imperative that the furniture you choose is solidly built. Spending a little more may be worth your while if the furniture is made with better materials, as it will prove more durable in the long run. There is always room for practicality in a furniture purchase.

September 30, 2018 | 14:09 WITA


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