paint_decgroup.jpgWhen you want to redecorate or make a decoration project, you must prepare tools that use to decor your home. Many tools sell in the building material store, you can get it there..

Storig your tools into toolbox
Consider using a toolbox, caddy or step stool. These will allow you to organize your tools and make them available for easy to carrying.

There are many tools can be used to home decoration project, this is the listing:

Cutting Things
Good Pair of Scissors for Fabric
Utility Scissors for everything else
Box Cutter
Woodworking you may need a light weight handsaw.

Hanging Things
Push Pins
Plastic Anchors
Picture Wire
Thumb Tacks
Sewing Machine Needles (to hang pictures without large wholes, holds approximately 30#)
Cup Hooks

Attaching Things
Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Can of Spray Adhesive
Staple Gun & Staples
Multi- Sized Rubber Bands
Plastic Twist Ties
Fusible Interfacings
Fabric Glue
Sewing Needles & Thread
Starch ( Easy on Easy off walls for fabric wallpapering or for appliqués)

Measuring Things
Tape Measure
T-Square or Level

Decorating Things
Gold Touch-up Pen
Spray paint Black& White
Craft Paint in your decors color scheme
Assortment of ribbons, buttons and fringe.

The Hardware
These tools may not all fit in your toolbox, yet are good to have on hand.
Screwdriver – Phillips and Flat Head ( get multiple sizes)
Iron & Ironing Board

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