colorfullpaint.jpgColors can make different feels to one another. Dark colors can either be relaxing or depressing, light colors can be uplifting or annoying, and extreme colors can be exhilarating or aggravating. Some color can make your home feel very comfortable, other one can make unconfertable. Red color feel excitement, light blue color feel relax, white color feel naturally etc.
Pay attention to how these colors make you feel. When you visit other peoples homes, or even their shops or offices, pay attention to the effect that walking into a room has on you. Sometimes you will enter a space and feel naturally relaxed.

We can combine some color to get other color, so other color feel different from before. You can paint your home 4 or 5 monthly to make new season in your home..

Other places can have a negative effect, making you feel uncomfortable or agitated for no apparent reason. Remember the colors and the shades of these rooms, especially if you have a particularly strong response to one.

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