2009 home interior design color trends

home interior design color trends

January arrived, and with it the new year. For many, New Year’s resolutions is the type for the coming year and review last year. At Freshome in January is about looking at the hot colors for the coming year. For this reason, we have listed a few colors that are sure to make a huge impact on home decor, and may inspire you to start a new design project. I know several colors really inspired me, and I was looking for a new coach in several shades, which will be popular color trends.

Gray skies here at Out

Well, Gray can pay attention, dark clouds and rainy days, made a tiring because of boredom, but Gray makes a wonderful statement about the color palette this year. This is less about the hard and dark gray, and more about smokier gray as dove gray. Using as a focal gray or simply as the focus, and if you think dark gray actually installs the application, do not be afraid to use it too.

Interior and exterior color trends 2009

Interior and exterior color trends

Memoirs of Orange was a year for the popular orange, and many people use the deployment of an orange tint on the walls, furniture and accents. Orange can be playful, warm and relaxing, and it is the color that will continue to be popular color

Glints Metal:
Metallic colors always seem to occur in hot colors, regardless of the year, but will be a push away from the gold and silvers. Instead, and bronze metallic boilers will be popular, add to any home decor, as well as tons of tin.

Meadows filled with blue
Periwinkles, blue chamomile, and any other shade of blue that you can imagine, with the energetic to soft and will be a popular choice of color in 2009. Great deal of blue is the versatility. Many people do not realize, but the blue can work with a wide range of colors. Pair a deep blue with the orange dynamic can create bold and playful space and can be a great choice for children’s room. Another bonus with blue is that he works well with metallics, and even with a great look hot metal colors

Bust of the Crayon box
LAT hot color that I really want to mention them all. Designers and colorists so really stressing that you are working with the flowers that you love. You can not go wrong if you like the color that works well in your house, and that leaves a lasting statement. Which is filled with color and design.

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