curved balance kitchen
Italian home appliance designer Simone Micheli created a modern version of a beautiful, high end kitchen furniture that “follows the” Living and Cooking “Euromobil philosophy.” Designed for the Euro Mobil group, the kitchen collection with the name of the IT IS cuisine. IT’S Kitchen Modern Kitchen Design Curved and Balanced: IT IS kitchen When it comes to kitchen furniture, the most interesting is how all the elements come together to a place for cooking with love shape. The versatility is best seen in a large room, allowing the collection of kitchen showcase functional aesthetics. It includes a fluid design that gives life to every element – from the loading to the curved edges: “State-of-the-art technologies and finely crafted details: high cabinets with sliding doors and a central flat curved tables provide a differentiated thickness excellent design . New loading and deep drawers in the wire coating or stainless steel. Their fronts are edge top, patented by Euromobil for easy grip chamfered. producible doors again increased to unprecedented power. “founded in response to the modern kitchen needs, it is brings the kitchen cooking space in the spot light and produces a new trend in furniture design.

IT IS kitchenkitchen designcurved kitchen


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