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Windows for your home interior give the natural lighting for the room. There are some windows trends for your modern home. Casements are side-hinged windows trends that swing outward to open. They are generally operated with a hand-crank mechanism. Casements windows are becoming more and more popular because of their versatility and their energy efficiency. They can be used as a main window type in many home styles and are popular nationwide.
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Awning windows are hinged on the top and swing outward. They are usually opened and closed using a crank handle. Awning windows are often used in basements where there’s not a lot of above-ground exterior wall or smaller spaces that require privacy but benefit from natural light, like bathrooms. You can also often find awning-style windows above fixed-glass picture windows.

Double-hung windows are especially effective air circulation: when they’re opened at both the top and the bottom (with the glass stationed in the middle of the window frame), warm air flows out the top opening while cool air sails into the home via the bottom opening. Many people also find them the most aesthetically appealing type of window, and they can be customized with internal grilles for extra architectural appeal. The main disadvantage to double-hung windows stems from the amount of effort it can take to move the window panes, especially for people with back problems or limited strength. If not properly maintained, some double-hung windows will have slippage problems where the top sash won’t stay up all the way.

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