Green Modular Sofa Furniture

green modular sofa furniture
MUS is a green modular sofa furniture designed by Francesc Rife for KOO International. Clear Scandinavian inspiration, in the heart of the project is the wooden platform to support the cushions green modular sofa. Consisting of several elements, including a chaise lounge and puffs, can MUS with additional green modular sofa furniture such as coffee tables, side tables and accessories such as racks and garden boxes. In symbolic terms, this green modular sofa furniture pallet with a few bags left at the top is what the collection of her identity. These green modular sofa elements add something of a human quality to the collection.
green modular sofa furnituregreen modular sofa furnituregreen modular sofa furniture
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June 6, 2019 | 14:07 WITA


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