Cool Decorative Aquarium, Extraordinaire Unusual Glass Ornamental Fish Tanks

decorative aquarium
Very cool decorative Aquarium design concept, great decoration combining with natural sense of art. This unusual ornamental fish tanks are inspired by the striking modern architecture skyscraper, with a long and sleek ultra-modern vessel with a roster of “windows” that runs from top to bottom. Art and nature come together in this cool fish aquarium designed by glass artist extraordinaire Vanessa Mitrani. The biological balloon bubbles in this aquarium and that a natural twist is possible this contemporary piece. This aquarium are available in three sizes (25, 35 and 45cm) these cool tanks require no special care, just a soft sponge and water, and provide an environment where killifish and bettas thrive. So cool decorative aquarium for your modern home.
cool decorative aquarium
cool aquarium
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May 14, 2019 | 02:07 WITA


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