Plec is a lamp that a strong, modern design, a creation that invites you to illuminate the interior of a house with a lamp as the current and functional characteristics. Cinca and Joan Orio signature designers have the lamp for Estiluz company, which is a metal implement, elegant and understated design with a timeless aesthetic. Hand in hand with the new lamp Estiluz Plec, design, functionality and innovation emerge in any environment of a modern home. The model is applied to metal Plec indirect lighting, making it possible to achieve maximum integration in the wall where the installation, so it’s an ideal choice when looking for a discreet fixture without compromising functionality.

The design is based on a slight curve that can illuminate the interior with an air and sober, and was the second skin of a wall, subtly emerging and creating point sources in the vicinity of main heat.

In the battle of the lamp Plec his profile a minimum volume, and it is this characteristic which this model can be adapted to all kinds of spaces. The fixture design flowing lines make it possible to continuously flow with light contour, thus providing functional lighting in the room to integrate, while an elegant nod to the scene.

Plec is a design that fits in the wall, creating an appealing effect, following the contours of light that seem to come from a fold of the wall itself, in a natural and delicate.

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