Christmas Decoration Tips – Putting Lights on the Christmas Tree . There’s no such thing as too many lights when decorating the holiday tree, and they should go on before anything else. When purchasing lights, here’s what you should keep in mind:

* Plan to use approx. 10 strands of 100 lights for a 7’ tree. If your tree is larger or smaller, adjust as necessary.
* For a green tree, choose lights with a dark or green cord
* For a flocked tree, use lights with a white cord

When you’re putting lights on the tree, plug them in and begin from the inside out, making a couple of wraps around one of the lowest branches to keep them in place. Pull the string of lights to the tip of each branch, weaving the cord under the branch so it is somewhat hidden, and wrap the lights around the branch, starting at the tip, until you’ve worked back to the trunk. Repeat for each of the main branches. This can take some time, but the payoff is enormous.

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