These Christmas decorating accessories will make your home a winter wonderland:

* Wreaths – Christmas wreaths can be made of holly, berries, bells, bulbs or even candy. Wreaths work inside or outside, so stock up. Small wreaths look great hanging from bedroom doors.

* Garland – Put your railings to good use and wrap them in garland. Fake pine garland works best for inside – real pine needles will drop anytime someone goes up the steps.

* Lights – What could put you in the Christmas mood more than some soft, warm lighting? Battery operated candles on window sills are extremely popular at Christmas time, but these candles can be used anywhere in the house you want a warm glow. Christmas tree lights can be strung along your railings or run along the ceiling.

* Candles – Battery operated candles are great, but Christmas is also a good time for real candles. Yankee Candle has Christmas themed scented candles that will spread the Christmas cheer throughout your home.

* Windows – Don’t forget to jazz up your windows. Put the kids to work cutting out snowflakes and Christmas characters and display them in the window.

* Christmas Table – If you have a separate dining room table that you don’t use for every day meals, set the table up for Christmas dinner early in the month and leave it that way until the big day.

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